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what we do each week

Nightshift is a one of a kind experience. Every week, participants get together at Skookum HQ in Charlotte, North Carolina to learn, hack, teach, and build amazing digital applications for real clients. Each shift focuses on a particular topic and consists of 3 sections. A lecture by an industry expert, a team activity, and a homework assignment. Aside from learning, you can also expect to network with like-minded professionals and make long-lasting friendships with smart, talented individuals.

is nightshift for me?

Nightshift is designed for people new to the industry, as well as experienced professionals looking to sharpen their skills. Experienced professionals will have the opportunity to mentor team members, while those newer to the industry can benefit from hands on 1:1 education within their team.

Nightshift is a COMMITMENT

Nightshift is a 10 week program that requires FULL COMMITMENT by every team member. Every week your team will rely on you for in-person updates along with remote work. On average, Nightshift requires 4-5 hours per week.


Nightshift offers a vast collection of resources inclding weekly lectures and activities, in-person consultation and tutoring, and a weekly resources email with tips and tricks for each topic covered.


the team


Co-organizer, Mentor & Designer
Moved from Australia due to wildlife safety concerns.


Co-organizer & Full Stack Developer.
Cannot uncode what has been coded.


QA MentorHead of security & QA Mentor.
Apple Certified Fanboy.


Event manager.
Thinks he is Mad Max.


Mentor & Product Strategist.
Likes strange tasting meat.


Mentor & Full Stack Developer.
Full Stack Dad.


Mentor Strategist.
The son that Billy Joel never had.


Night Shift Project Manager.
Keeps the Ducks in a Row. He enjoys Ducks.